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Basic Obedience Training

We build that important bridge between you and your pet. By training your dog, we ensure that the relationship between you and your dog is positive and happy.

A trained dog is a happier dog simply because he knows what is expected of him at all times, leading to a greater rapport between you and your pet plus total trust and control. You become a relaxed confident owner and your dog becomes a relaxed confident pet. Woodstock Dog Training School offers the following services:

Basic Obedience Training:

Woodstock dog training school's basic obedience training program imparts training ideal for domestic pets. Having a dog that is well trained, obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive and easy to manage means you will get more pleasure from dog ownership . Teaching basic obedience commands such as sit, down and stay can help you manage your dog easily and that should encourage you to have your pet around family and friends instead of keeping them away . A trained dog is a happy dog and also it knows exactly the do’s and dont’s. Once the dog is trained in this professional manner the training remains with the dog for its entire life. Obedience training is 3 months of hardwork which will convert your dog to be a true obedient companion.

Industrial Security Training:

Industrial Training Dog
Industrial Security Training

On completion of the Basic Obedience training, Woodstock Dog Training School offers industrial security training to suit individual customers' requirements. The areas of applications are almost limitless. Just for example, specially trained dogs can be deployed at factories, Godowns, Banks, plantations/estates, in fact just about anywhere security is needed. The security dog uses its power of smell to detect hidden intruders even in larger areas. Its superior speed can overpower the most fleet footed of intruders. These dogs are trained to 'chase', 'arrest' and 'hold' an intruder until the handler takes charge. Sniffer dogs at exit point can detect smuggling out of valuable raw material. These dogs are specially trained to accept food only from the trainers/handlers and so strangers cannot lure them with food.

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