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Developed in Germany to deal with the local badger plague, the Dachshund is a low set, short legged, long bodied dog designed to go to ground and follow game into their burrows. Although the word Dachshund literally means "badger dog" in German, these lively little hounds were also used to hunt fox, otter, stoat, hare, in some instances wild boar, even trail wounded deer, as well as dispatching badgers! There are six varieties, identified by coat type and size (Smooth Haired, Long Haired, Wire Haired, each in Standard or Miniature size).

The Smooth Haired Dachshund is first and foremost a bold and determined sporting dog, although equally adaptable as a house pet. The most popular of all the six different varieties, the Standard Smooth is small enough to fit comfortably into any household, yet embodies many big dog qualities normally found only in much larger animals. Outdoors he is hardy, vigorous and tireless; indoors he is affectionate, companionable and entertaining but he prefers adult company to that of children.. However, like all Dachshunds, he should avoid rough games, jumping down from furniture or in and out of cars, for fear of possible back injuries. Long the butt of canine cartoonists, he tends to be a real character!

His sleek odourless coat, which is impervious to rain and mud, requires very little attention - a quick rub over with a piece of velvet and he shines like satin!

Height: approximately 27cm
Weight: Dogs not to exceed 11.3kg
Bitches not to exceed 10.4kg

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