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great dane

Great Dane

The Apollo of the dog world, the Great Dane was used by the German nobility to hunt wild boar and stags. To contend with the swift, savage, powerful European boar, a real superdog was required - and this is exactly what the Great Dane is!

A massive dog, spirited and courageous, with a proud dignified bearing, it is little wonder the Great Dane is considered the king of dogs. Aloof in the company of strangers, the Dane is nevertheless the gentlest and kindest of dogs with his own family and friends. Ultra loyal, dependable and devoted in the extreme, he is generally a very gentle playmate for children.. Despite his size, he makes a well-behaved house dog, and thoroughly enjoys his creature comforts.

Regular exercise and training is essential for the Great Dane, as is special care and feeding for a growing puppy.

Ideal height: Dogs over 76cm
Bitches over 71cm
Weight: Dogs minimum 54kg
Bitches minimum 46kg

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