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An elegant animal of ancient lineage, the Dalmatian with his picturesque spotting is certainly one of the most distinctive looking of all breeds. His traditional role in life was that of a carriage dog, trotting either alongside the horses or underneath the axle of the coach for mile after mile, to protect occupants from being attacked by highwaymen. Made redundant with the advent of the motor car, the Dalmatian subsequently came to prominence working with horse-drawn fire engines.

A strong, muscular active dog, capable of great speed and endurance, the Dalmatian's great love in life is exercise, exercise and more exercise! He is ideally suited to somebody with a very active lifestyle, or alternatively someone living on an acreage. He has a natural affinity for horses.

The Dalmatian is a true gentleman, being quiet, sensitive and well-mannered. Politely reserved with strangers and with a highly developed protective instinct, he makes a sensible and dependable guard dog. His short, hardy, dense coat requires very little attention to maintain a well-groomed appearance. A very natural "no-frills" breed, the Dalmatian is hardy, adaptable and super sound.

Temperamentally, he is an ideal companion dog. Intelligent, willing to please, with a friendly outgoing disposition, the Dalmatian makes a handsome and faithful family pet.

Height: Dogs 58.4 - 61cm
Bitches 56 - 58.4cm
Weight: approx 32kg

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