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basset hound

Basset Hound

Originally of French lineage, the Basset is a scent-hound used for hunting on foot and tracking. His slow-moving ponderous ways and appealing clownish appearance belie his great intelligence.

Known to his fans as the armchair athlete because of his habit of lounging around the house, it is important that a pet Basset Hound be given sufficient exercise otherwise he can tend to put on weight.

The Basset is a hardy, extremely tolerant and devoted dog with a gentle disposition which makes him an excellent children's pet.

Given the opportunity, the Basset Hound is a potential wanderer. One sniff at an interesting scent and away he goes, nose to the ground and tail aloft, apparently oblivious to anything or anybody. For this reason, it is essential that he lives in a home with a well-fenced yard. Because he does have a stubborn streak, the Basset requires firm but sympathetic handling. The Basset is a "big dog on short legs" and he is extremely strong and heavy for his height and should not be considered by owners who want a small dog.

With his guileless disposition, soulful eyes and comical ways, "Fred Basset", as he is often affectionately nicknamed, is one of the real characters of the dog world. Bring him up with kindness, patience and affection and your world will be a brighter place because of him!

Ideal height 33 to 38 cm
Weight 23 to 28 kg.

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