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  • Why train your dog?
    A trained dog is a happy dog simply because he knows the difference between the right and the wrong.
  • What is the correct age to start the training?
    The right age would be around 12 weeks when the vaccinations would have been completed. But the older dogs could also be trained successfully, the difference being the younger dogs are like wet clay easy to mould and may have less behaviour problems to cope up with.
  • What is basic obedience training?
    Every dog should be trained to obey certain basic commands like walking properly on leash with you (heel walk), sit on command, lie down on command, and stay in a place on command and to come to you when called. So getting your dog trained to obey all these commands is the basic obedience training.
  • How long does it take to train my dog for basic obedience?
    This depends on how much time you are willing to devote to your dog for training. After careful study of many dogs and owners we at Woodstock recommend the training duration of three months provided you are working atleast two to three sessions per week.
  • Is the training imparted everyday?
    Trainers from Woodstock visit your home two times a week and train your dog. Each class will have duration of 30 minutes. Once in 4 classes they will demonstrate and show you the progress made by your dog. Then it is your responsibility to practice with your dog what has been taught for about 20 minutes everyday. This will enhance the rapport between you and your dog and his training becomes more meaningful.
  • What are the training methods used?
    As suggested by most of the experts in the field we use only positive reinforcement and reward orientation methods in training your dogs.
  • How do I get started on training?
    This is very simple. Just call our office and a trained personnel is waiting for you to give all the details you require and help you in registering your dog for training. As an alternative you can download the registration form from the website and send the completed form to us. You may also contact us through email for all your doggy requirements.

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