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Developed in Germany to serve the multiple purposes of guard, working and escort dog, the Boxer is a strong, boisterous, active dog with a very positive personality. It is a very serviceable and utilitarian breed. To provide the necessary speed, dexterity and jumping ability required for the many arduous hikes, riding expeditions, plus varied police and military duty which characterised his working life, the Boxer needed to be an elegant but substantial dog of great power. This legacy has left us with a sound, no-frills animal, whose functional clean-cut lines are very pleasing to the eye.

Despite his imposing past and sombre expression, the Boxer is nevertheless the clown of the guard dogs. Although he takes his guard work very seriously, he is always ready to play - even in old age!

He enjoys as much exercise as you care to give him. Boxers can be very boisterous if left unchecked, particularly as youngsters, and obedience training is recommended. Apart from that, the Boxer's easy-to-care-for coat and cleanliness around the house, coupled with his manageable size and the fact that he is not a noisy dog, make him a welcome addition to any household. He is usually fond of children, is highly intelligent, and very tractable.

Ideal height: Dogs 56-61 cm
Bitches 53-58.5cm
Weight 25-32kg

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