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Chennai to the locals is a metropolis steeped in history, placed strategically on the east coast of India bearing the brunt of the North East monsoon during the season. It is, was and will be a city of conservatives, with its beautiful Temples, the world famous Marina beach and the now ubiquitous industries of varied types. It again was the strong hold of the British during the formatory years of the East India Company in India and was the entry to the hilly country sides of Kodaikanal and Udagamandalam, which the British likened to their native England and thus the import of pedigreed dogs was inevitable.

In the city of Chennai, today lives a gentleman named J.Rangarajan who believes that among all of God's creations, the dog has accepted man, as his best friend and having been born into a dog loving family, has inculcated a very deep attachment towards dogs. Since his fourteenth year, he has studied the dog, its attachement, Psychology, behavioral patterns and its instinct to trust the human being, for the dog has evolved through the ages along with Man, from being a feral caned to the modern day guard or sentinel dog through Man's machinations. Implicit obedience has proved that the dog can be trained for a variety of purposes. Sri Rangarajan, with his in depth knowledge of canines and belief in their inherent intelligence, is today a trainer of dogs par excellence. His interest in training of dogs made him go over to the United States to improve and develope most modern methods of dog training based on American expertise.

Today, he runs a professional training school for dogs in Madras city, the famous Woodstock training school for dogs, founded on American methodology and pattern and specializes in Industrial Security, through trained dogs, which have proved themselves in nationwide industrial setups, thus bringing down thefts and costs of security. The latest innovation is the "Groom bile" a veritable beauty saloon for the Ladies & Gentleman of the canine world in Chennai, which caters, to the bathing, grooming, manicure pedicure and what have you? for their beautification. Along with the training of dogs for varied assignments, he conducts seminars and workshops for the lay public, Industrial entrepreneurs, and dog lovers in general wherein he traces the evolution of the dog to its present day status and the multifaceted uses to which they can be utilized, which are a sell out in Chennai these days.

Sri Rangarajan not only trains dogs, but also breeds several varieties that have proved themselves and have achieved champion status in their own right. His kennels viz "The Woodstock Kennels" houses, labrador retrievers, dachshunds, and Great danes, to name a few. His plans for the future is to have a better training school spread over an area of about ten acres, which should be able to house about 50 trainee dogs and the training period is to last for six months. He has his son Arjun, who is onto dog training, following his fathers footsteps and has proved himself as the youngest ring Steward for the obedience trails conducted in by the Chennai canine club.

He is also is one of the founder members of the Chennai canine club and is a Committee member of standing for the last 12 years. His commitment to the dog world is so sincere that he accepts any responsibility in the organization of championship dog shows and obedience trails even though, he is a judge of repute in obedience judging. Pet India wishes Mr.Rangarajan and his family of dog lovers, many more wonderful years of training Man's best friend and may his tribe increase.

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