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Dear Customer,

We thank you very much for registering your dog for training with our Institution. We are a professional organization and we take lot of pride in our work. It is the passion for working with dogs which is keeping us in this business. We will provide top most training to your dog and make sure your dog becomes a very good companion to your family. We give below the syllabus of our Obedience Training Program with detailed notes. Please take some time to read this carefully and understand the total program.

This is the Standard syllabus for domestic dogs which is used by Dog Training Institutions globally and we also follow the same. These are commands which will be needed to have your dog in good control either inside or outside your home. As part of the training program, we will teach you how the commands being taught which can be used at home for different scenarios. A progress card will be maintained and after each session the trainer will update the card and obtain your signature on the card.

Course details:

Course Duration: 2.5-3 months
Number of Sessions: 15-20 (Depending on Dog)
Duration of Session: 30-40 minutes
Weekly Frequency: Initial 2-3 classes will be weekly once, then we increase it to weekly two classes and gradually taper it off to weekly one class and complete the training.

FOUNDATION: The first few classes are devoted for the foundation. Foundation is like a Base on which the entire training will be built. It is also the time needed for the dog and the handler to know each other and bond with each other. Foundation is like orientation to the training and then the dog starts learning the commands.

Note: Please call your dogs name and then give the command each and every time. For example, Tommy Sit, Tommy heel, etc.

SIT: To go to a sitting position on hearing the command. Your dog will be trained for a prompt sit on command without any hesitation. The command to be given is ' SIT '.

LOOK AT ME: This exercise is done in order to get the dog's attention towards you and maintain eye contact. The command given is 'LOOK AT ME'

HEEL WALK: This exercise is done to train your dog to walk properly with you on the leash without giving any trouble to you like pulling and jumping. Your dog will be trained to walk by your side at all times on a loose leash in spite of all the distractions around. With this training you can enjoy your long walks with your dog without having any stress about your dog's behavior. The command for this exercise is 'HEEL'

SIT STAY: This training will make your dog to remain in a SIT position until commanded again to leave the position. The command for this exercise is 'STAY'

DOWN: This training will make your dog to go to lying down position on hearing the command. Training will be done for prompt response. Command for this exercise is 'DOWN'

DOWN STAY: Same like SIT STAY in this training dog will be trained to remain in down position until commanded to leave the 'stay ' position. The command for this exercise is 'STAY '

RECALL: This training is to make your dog to come to you whenever you call the dog. The command for this exercise is 'COME'

GO TO YOUR PLACE: This training is done for the dog to go to a designated spot which may be either a crate, mat, room etc. The command used for this exercise is 'GO TO YOUR PLACE'


Guidance will be provided on how to correct issues such as

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Controlled walk on staircase
  • Any other behavior issue


As a dog owner and handler you and your family play a vital role in your dog's life and it is very important for you to learn all the commands taught to your dog by us. These are commands to help you in handling your dog comfortably in everyday living situations.

We strongly recommend that one person from your family to be part of the training program and he/she can train the rest of the family members. All the commands will be demonstrated to the designated person and he/she is expected to practice those commands on a day to day basis for a minimum of 30 minutes to get the best results. The success of the whole training program depends very much on this.

All the exercises are taught on leash and so you also practice on the leash only. Please do not deviate from the methods shown to you when you practice because the change of methods may be detrimental to the training. Once you have gone through this syllabus as taught to you and if you have done your home work sincerely this Training will remain with your dog for life. You will be the proud owner of a well trained dog and your dog will be a reliable companion to you and your family.

Caution: Leash laws are followed in most of the countries including India. Please do not take your dog off leash in any public area. If any unfortunate incident happens you are legally liable

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